The quarterly Parent Resource Group is an

educational support group for Foster for a Difference families to help give parents the needed sets of skills, knowledge, and support needed. There is stress involved in parenting a particular child with difficult behaviors, and we know that families who have access to supportive services are at less risk of disrupting their foster or adoptive placement. This Resource Group provides a place where foster and adoptive parents can meet with one another, discuss and problem-solve the parenting issues they face, share ideas and community resources, and develop a support network for respite. Families tend to bond and feel a sense of camaraderie with one another.

A staff person leads the group and provides on-going education credits necessary for the parents to maintain their foster care license. The lack of childcare is often a barrier for foster and adoptive parents to attend outside activities, so we make sure to provide free childcare and dinner so all families can attend if they wish to. Families who do not have a child placed in their home are encouraged to attend as well.